MicrAtec Overview

 Typical Components

(1) Concrete slab
(2) Screed or mortar/sand-cement bed
(3) Finishes/wearing surface
(4) Saw cut
(5) Metal support frame
(6) Seal
(7) Thin-bed adhesive

MicrAtec Series

Control Joint for Floors

MicrAtec is a unique movement joint for all floors with hard finish,
from industrial floors to living rooms. The profile replaces the well-known sealant joint and other smaller profiles in floors.

Type A

Control joints installed with finishes laid on a thin bed adhesive 2 to 5mm deep.

Type B

Control joints that are compression fitted into a slot or saw-cut formed between finishes/wearing surface.

Type C

Control joints that are installed as finishes are being laid on wet mortar or a sand/cement bed.

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