Tax Office, Apeldoorn

Tax Office, Apeldoorn

The Apledoorn complex is the largest tax office in the Netherlands. Piet Zanstra originally designed a complex with five towers (1965-75). This was substantially modified in recent years.

DP6 Architecture Studio designed the 2 new office towers. The 60-meter-high additions to the complex have full glass facades. On these facades, blinds are suspended. Then between the slats a specially designed is printed onto the glass, designed by Harmen Lama to mute the light.

The complex has very energy-efficient facility services with an energy performance standard that is 25% lower than the current mandatory standard. The complex includes a separate energy building housing a combined heat and power plant. The podium structure has a roof pond, which is connected to the combined heat and power plant


Tax Office, Apeldoorn

Chris de Weijer
Piet Zanstra
Michiel Riedijk
Willem-Jan Neutelings


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