SeismAtec Overview

 Typical Components

(1) Concrete slab
(2) High strength (>40N/mm2) levelling bed (by others)
(3) Optional 1.14mm thick EPDM membrane or torch applied waterproofing membrane (by others)
(4) M6 x 75mm galvanised dipped, carbon steel, self-tapping concrete screws
(5) Continuous aluminium floor frame
(6) Continuous aluminium central pan
(7) Aluminium pivot plates to allow escape by people suffering from disabilities during a seismic event. These plates form ADA Compliant ramps if the pan lift s during an earthquake.
(8) High strength (>60N/mm2) epoxy mortar bed (by others)
(9) Finishes/wearing surfaces
(10) Centering bar
(11) Reinforcing mesh (by others)

SeismAtec Series

Seismic pan expansion joint system for floors

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