Looking for movement and expansion joints for airports factories hospitals offices car parks train stations hotels shopping centres stadiums ?


Different requirements and recommendations apply to airports with regard to traffic load and frequency.

Car Parks

Expansion joints must withstand high levels of traffic and resist water and other contaminants.


Expansion joints must be robust  and able to withstand high loads.


For hospitals, various requirements and advice apply with regard to traffic load and hygiene.


Given the stringent requirements within train stations, Vexcolt has developed a range of high-performance products.

Shopping Centres

High traffic combined with low maintenance requirements means that expansion joints must be robust.


The economics of developing or modernising stadiums is that structures have become multi-purpose.

  • Over 200 sports stadiums
  • Over 300 government buildings
  • Over 250 airports
  • Over 400 shopping centers
  • Over 900 train stations
  • Over 1100 offices & hotels

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