ElastAtec 1400-A07/A09 - Vexcolt Europe BV

ElastAtec 1400-A07/A09

Highly resilient elastomeric HQSU seal
Excellent resistance to notching and wear

Oil, Chemical and UV resistant
Weathering and ageing resistant

Industry Standards
ASTM C290 ‘Standard Specification for Elastomeric Joint Seals’ compliant
DIN 18540 ‘Sealing of exterior wall joints in building using joint sealants and seal bandage’ compliant





Additional information

General Areas of Application

Sealing of external and internal non-trafficable joints in walls, ceilings and roofs.
Sealing of expansion joints where anticipated expansion and contraction characteristics approximate +/-50% of gap width and up to +/-25% in the shear plane.
Sealing of control joints where sealants would normally be applied or where sealants have failed

Specific Areas of Application

Repair of joints where sealants have failed or are no longer functional
Sealing of undersized joints and joints where fi nishes have been applied across construction joints
Sealing of joints subject to early stress or engineering design or construction defects.
Sealing of failed joints particularly where the building envelope has to be resealed against the ingress of water

External and Internal Locations

External & Internal wall to wall, Corner Wall, Wall to Ceiling, Ceiling to Ceiling, Roof to Roof (not trafficable), Roof to Wall, Parapet Walls

Temperature Range

-60℃ to 80℃


Up to 100% of gap width


3 mm


Black, Grey, Stone. Any colour can be matched (Min. order applies)


Recommended flexible paint to specified RAL No

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